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Lateral Move & Centre Pivot Irrigators

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The Irtec Lateral and Centre Pivot Irrigators are designed to offer a robust and compact structure with large section components in galvanised steel and high mechanical resistance. The centre with a unique system of rotary joints guarantees maximum resistance to bay stress, ensuring hermetic sealing during rotation. It is available in versions with standard height and with high structure to be suitable for any kind of cultivation and with two different diameters (133mm and 203mm)

The bays are available from 36Mtrs to 66Mtrs with 133mm or 168mm diameter pipe and from 36Mtrs to 54Mtrs with 203mm diameter pipe.

They are composed of identical pipes and modular structure that allows any possible configuration, thus being suitable to all paddocks and making installation easier.

Overall, a great practical product at a reasonable price.
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