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What to use? Water Winch or Hard Hose Irrigator for commercial farming

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What to use? Water Winch or Hard Hose Irrigator for commercial farming

March 12, 2021 0 Comments blog
When your farming operation requires an irrigation system, water winch irrigators and hard hose irrigators are competing terms. The water winch is a soft hose irrigation system as opposed to a hard hose irrigator (often referred to simply as “hard hose”). By choosing the correct irrigator for your irrigation needs you ensure you are saving water while achieving outstanding results, and that you’re not investing in equipment that is the wrong fit for your paddocks. Agriflo Rural sells hard hose irrigating systems, not water winch soft hose systems because hard hose irrigators have a definite clear edge in easier setup and move times, fantastic adjustable onboard speed control, plus compact and stable trailer systems.

Paddock Size:

The size of the paddock to be irrigated is a number one key factor in determining what size irrigator may be required. This will ultimately be used to determine the overall length of hose required to traverse the irrigation area. Unlike water winches, hard hose irrigators are much easier to set up and move, providing more versatility in fitting machine size to paddock size. Other factors that may influence purchase decisions could include obstacles within the paddock such as tree lines, power lines and fences, all which can affect the way the irrigation runs are determined. 

Hydrant Positioning:

Where the hydrants are positioned in the paddock are also a major factor when determining the size and placement of a water winch or hard hose reel irrigator systems. For example, if you have a rectangle paddock, and your main line and hydrants run through the middle of the field, the hard hose irrigator can be positioned in the middle and be run out in any direction, halving the length of hose needed. This reduction in hose length requirement can be a huge cost saving.

Water Availability:

When determining the diameter of hose for a hard hose irrigator or even a water winch, the most influential factor is water availability. This is based on pressures at the hydrant and flow capacity of the pumping facility. The average requirements of a mid-range size water winch or hard hose irrigator with an end cannon is around the 7.5bar or 108psi at the hydrant and 18L per second or around 15,000 gallons per hour. These pressures and flows will give a wide distribution of water through the end cannon. It is important to note that this is only an example and machines can be sized to suit a huge range of flow rates and pressure options. 

Water Requirements:

Water requirements also play a role in sizing an irrigation system – whether it is a winch irrigator or hard hose irrigator. Certain crops require more water than others and this can mean that larger diameter hose sizes are required to get large volumes of water onto crops. Hard hose irrigators are much more versatile in this regard, each machine matched to the hose it carries on its reels. However, this factor is limited to what water is available, and what pumping infrastructure is in place. It is also important to note that the speed that the hard hose reel irrigator, as opposed to the water winch, winds in at highly adjustable speeds that can be computer controlled. Slowing the speed down allows more water to be applied onto the crop and speeding it up reduces the amount of water going onto the crop. Additionally each of Agriflo Rural’s irrigators is supplied with an irrigation curve showing what speed settings are needed to achieve different irrigation or saturation results, ranging from 10mm to 60mm per pass. 

Hard Hose Reel Irrigators For Sale

Call Agriflo Rural if you are looking for a superior hard hose irrigator as an alternative to a water winch to irrigate your pasture with. We are available to help you with your choice from Monday to Friday, between 9:00am and 5:00pm. Call us on 1800 497 204 today.

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