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RM Irrigation Equipment Brand Available Now

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RM Irrigation Equipment Brand Available Now

April 14, 2021 0 Comments blog
Agriflo Rural has added another supplier to our product offerings who provide us with hard hose irrigation equipment. RM Irrigation hard hose Irrigators, notably hard hoses, are now available to buy from Agriflo Rural. Hard hoses are used in farming applications to achieve efficient, even watering of crops. We have been supplying IRTEC irrigation equipment for many years, and while these remain an important element in our irrigator product line-up, we are intent on broadening our quality product range. This provides our clients with a greater choice regarding hard hose irrigator systems purchased from Agriflo Rural for use in their primary producer operations. The standout features of RM Irrigation Equipment’s hard hose irrigators include:
  • Smoother hose extraction and rewind. This is because a chain drives the drum, not a drive ring.
  • Greater reel stability. The hose is a medium density hose which reduces the reel’s centre of gravity and reduces instances of tipping.
  • Low energy loss. The turbine is very efficient in terms of its energy consumption.
  • Simple operation. Quality and reliability are at the forefront of RM’s product design, without sacrificing efficiency.
The new RM irrigation equipment is manufactured in Italy and supplied directly to Agriflo Rural. By buying directly from us, the importer, you may be afforded opportunities to save on costs when you purchase irrigation equipment.  Most RM hard hose equipment includes telescopic brackets to allow anchoring on all sorts of ground. Regardless of whether you are just starting your watering cycle or have been watering for extended period of time and the ground is saturated, this stability function ensures your machinery won’t topple when exposed to challenging conditions. These hard hose irrigators also feature a clear span of the frame which ensures crops won’t become damaged when the hose is being unwound.  If you are in the market for hard hose irrigation equipment used in primary production or turf irrigation, keep an eye on our website and blog for more updates regarding supply of RM Irrigation Equipment. Agriflo Rural has been operating for over 20 years now and are the trusted leaders in watering equipment for farms. We provide seamless end to end solutions for irrigation that start with designing irrigation layouts, include hydraulic modelling and pump matching. We can also manufacture and supply custom pumping solutions too, using our industry contacts to suit your needs. At Agriflo Rural, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and a commitment to quality which is based on successfully serving clients in the industry. When you call us and purchase our equipment you can be sure that your irrigation system will be operational as planned. Agriflo Rural is open to take your call from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Please call us on 1800 497 204 to ask any questions about our products or to place an order. Agriflo Rural is committed to supplying the very best irrigation systems available in Australia today backed by a highly experienced, personalised customer support and advice service.

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