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RM 790 GX

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RM 790 GX

April 22, 2021 0 Comments
  • Flow-distributor turbine with built-in by-pass
  • 4-speed gearbox with shafts completely in oil bath
  • PTO for fast hose rewinding
  • Braking system to unwind the hose with fully automatic operation
  • Automatic speed compensator according to the hose winding diameter
  • Anti-slackening hose safety device
  • Safety device to stop the machine if the hose winds unevenly
  • Electronic hose rewinding speed measuring device
  • Digital clock
  • Worm screw hose turning system with micrometric regulation and double guide
  • Reel support on ball bearings and lipped retention ring with stainless steel bushing
  • Frame swivelling on a ball bearing centre plate through 360°
  • Self-balancing hydraulically controlled rear anchoring brackets, and hydraulic lift of trolley
  • Flexible rubber hose to supply the machine, complete with connections
  • Adjustable trolley track and wheel height
  • SIME sprinkler with slow return and set of nozzles
  • Pressure-gauge in glycerine bath on the machine and on the sprinkler (SIME)
  • Ball joint on sprinkler trolley
  • Sprinkler trolley ballasts
  • Adjustable bar eye
  • Hot-dip galvanized structure (painted reel)
  • Hydraulic spool valve for services
  • Water inlet on both sides
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