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Hard Hose Irrigators Help Get The Most Out Of Your Land

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Hard Hose Irrigators Help Get The Most Out Of Your Land

February 16, 2021 0 Comments blog
Hard Hose irrigators or poly reel irrigators as they are sometimes known, certainly fit the job description when you are looking for an effective solution for irrigating your land. You may have just purchased a farm, or perhaps your land has been in the family for generations, in either circumstance, you have most likely questioned how to get more out of your rural investment at one point or another. There are certainly mechanisms you can employ to improve the productivity of your farm and the efficiency of your resource consumption. As with any business, primary producers typically want equipment with a lower capital cost, a system that grows the maximum amount of quality crops, offers highly efficient water application, involves low energy costs and low labour, is easy to operate, is reliable and is environmentally friendly.

How To Choose An Irrigator?

If you’re selecting an irrigator to water your field there are also several environmental metrics you must consider. Soil type, drainage, erosion potential, proximity to power, topography are classified as field concerns. Water concerns, such as availability, quantity, quality and annual crop water requirements are another set of considerations. Crop concerns such as yield potential, row spacings and sprayer boom width requirements must play an impact on the choice of irrigator, so too must system concerns, such as the type of power supply, labour requirements and availability and operating costs. Hard hose irrigators or poly reel irrigators are great because of their low manual labour requirements to set up and operate. The reels have higher improved water distribution uniformity over hand-moved water cannons because the gun is continually moving under self-power. One reel can safely irrigate 3.2ha in a single session. They’re efficient, portable and can be easily adapted to any type of field or land contour.

How Does A Hard Hose Irrigator Work?

The hard hose reel system is comprised of a hose on a reel and a water cannon mounted on a trolley at the end of the hose. These systems have been widely embraced by commercial farmers as a way to irrigate large areas with relatively low manual labour. How does the system work? The pump, mainline and header are positioned in a field while the reel is set up beside the header. The cannon trolley and hose are pulled to the end of the field with a tractor, this discharges the hose off the irrigator drum. The irrigation process is turned on and the irrigator commences to automatically retrieve the hose and water cannon slowly, somewhat similar to the action of a fishing reel. The water cannon irrigates a swathe along the strip as the hose automatically winds in. After the strip is irrigated, the reel is moved 45m to 73m down the header and the process commences again. An issue a primary producer might find with a hard hose reel irrigator system is the loss of pressure resulting from extreme lengths of hose. This means that a high energy output is needed to achieve the desired effect of pressurised water distribution and this may be expensive. High winds can also play an impact on the efficacy of hard hose reel irrigator performance. For this reason it pays dividends to partner with a company like Agriflo Rural to design a complete irrigations system, taking into account your unique and individual needs.

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If you are in the market for a hard hose irrigator that does its job well and grows more crops with greater ease and efficiencies, then call Agriflo Rural today for advice or a quote. We supply irrigation equipment all over Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, offering affordable prices on all of our equipment. Call us Monday to Friday, 8:00-5:00pm on +61 2 6333 4500. We will happily take your call and answer any questions you have about hard hose irrigators.

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