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See you at the QLD, NSW & VIC rural field days!

Agriflo Rural is ready and raring to display its available hard hose irrigators and other irrigation products. The Agriflo Rural team will be displaying a range of IRTEC irrigation equipment at each of the five field day. Primary producers, small farms and hobby farmers are welcome to drop by at any time during each of the field days for a chat about best practice in farming irrigation or to discuss pricing if they’re ready to purchase.

Agriflo Rural’s primary focus in attending the field days is to build and strengthen relationships with existing and new customers. It is our goal to do this by informing customers of current irrigation trends, including new equipment available at Agriflo Rural, and in turn be informed about client needs and wants in the farming industry.

We will provide high quality information relating to hard hose irrigators, centre pivot, lateral and hippodrome irrigation systems.

Tea and coffee will be available for customers who want to discuss Agriflo Rural products in greater detail. Our sales staff can advise on best use and operation of the equipment so that customers are better informed about irrigation processes, procedures and farming scenarios.

In close proximity to our branded marquee, Agriflo Rural will have on display at least three versions of irrigators which will be used as hands-on displays, plus a centre pivot irrigator display as well.

Our IRTEC irrigation systems have been sort for over 30 years by Agriflo Rural customers. We provide a “direct from the importer” competitive advantage for farmers looking to purchase irrigation systems because of our highly competitive price point.

During the field days, our staff will provide a professional, static, hands-on display of our irrigation system equipment. We will discuss the unleashed power of our irrigator systems to regional customers. We want to start a conversation with primary producers and operators about how our IRTEC irrigators can provide more efficient water use on farmland and improve crop yields.

Field Day Dates

If you are in the market for an irrigator system or would like to discuss your current irrigation scenario, please refer to the following dates for info about Agriflo Rural’s presence at QLD, NSW and VIC farm shows. We look forward to meeting you there.

Agriflo Rural is open to take your call from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Please reach out via our contact page for more information.

Call us to day to invest in a high quality Agri-Flo Irrigation Pumpset.

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