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Farming Applications for Poly Reel Travelling Irrigator Systems

Farming Applications for Poly Reel Travelling Irrigator Systems

January 12, 2021 0 Comments blog
Farming can be hard work and is a very competitive market to be operating in. It is often driven by supply and demand and hence growing the right crop at the right time can be very challenging. Often the point of difference between you and your farming neighbour (who may well be growing the same crop as you) can come down to the equipment being used – resulting in improved efficiencies, dependability and time savings. It is vitally important to invest in the latest and most efficient equipment that saves you time. As we all know, time equals money!

Hardhose Irrigation Systems

At times, irrigation can be very frustrating and time consuming if not set up correctly or matched to the surrounding terrain. In this current competitive market in which we operate in, it is extremely important that irrigation farmers partner with companies that offer cutting edge equipment at the right price. Hardhose Travelling Irrigators are frequently used in farming to water different types of crops from lucerne to vegetables and turf farming – not to mention parks, gardens and sporting field irrigation applications. Our Poly Reel Irrigators can be configured into a boom spray irrigator instead of a gun spray irrigator. The Boom Spray option is often selected where a low pressure irrigation system is required which requires gentle crop watering. Over 20 years of industry experience enables Agriflo Rural to come into its own, offering the Australian primary producer a comprehensive range of product and equipment suited to many agricultural irrigating applications. In particular, offering a choice of two excellent brands of Italian made quality hardhose reel irrigation systems – Irtec and RM.

Hardhose Irrigators

Here at Agriflo Rural, we often sell a hardhose irrigator system to a primary producer who has been using soft hose irrigators for many years. Our goal is to better educate primary producers that soft hose irrigators are time consuming and inefficient to set up and move. Farmers who operate soft hose irrigators will know (only too well!) that once the soft hose irrigator has completed its run, the hose needs to be wound up, the irrigator then moved to its new run and the hose is then unwound and set behind the machine. Finally, the pull cable needs to run the full span of the irrigation length and secured to a tractor or the like. When it comes to a hardhose, once the irrigator has finished the run, the hose is already wound up onto the hose reel and the irrigator is immediately ready to move to the next water source. This will often cut in half the time spent in setting up a soft hose irrigator. Most turf farmers will also prefer hardhose over soft hose as the soft hose tends to damage the new turf caused from the dragging motion of the hose behind the irrigator. In farming, investment in quality is always an important consideration, the initial financial outlay of a hardhose system is often greater than a soft hose one, however the resale value of the hardhose is always very strong.

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Selecting the right travelling Irrigator is a very important decision. When partnering with Agriflo Rural you are dealing with a farming-based generational family business who own and operate hardhose irrigators on their own Lucerne growing properties. They understand the extreme demands of farming and the need to be efficient and effective to be able to survive this market. Operating smarter for successful outcomes is essential, we’re time-poor and need to invest in time-saving equipment to remain competitive and to have successful outcomes to our efforts.

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